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Hot drinks


Loose teas have in $4.50 TA $3.50

Gunpowder green, cinnamon apple, mint, chocolate treasure, chamomile, jasmine green, earl grey, English breakfast, lemon grass, ginger lemon,


Cappuccino, hot chocolate, Flat white, latte, piccolo, chai latte, long black –

reg - $3.70 lge - $4.50

Ristretto, macchiato, Espresso - $3.20

Mocha, matcha latte, dirty chai, choc chai, turmeric latte, dandelion latte –

$4.00 /$5.00

Piscos chai blend

(vg) House made dairy, sugar & caffeine free $4.00/$5.00


Xtra shot - $.50

Syrup - $ .20

Vegan ice-cream - $2.50

Ice-cream / ice - $1.00
Full cream, lite, lactose free, soy, almond, coconut


$0.50 discount on byo cups & food containers

House specials

$5.50 - Muffin & a small hot drink

$ 6.00 - Savory muffin & a small hot drink

$6.00 - Gluten free sweet muffin & a small hot drink

$7.50 - Buckwheat banana bread (gf, df, sf) & a small hot drink

$7.50 - Date & walnut loaf (v, gf) & a small hot drink

$9.00- Breakfast roll or wrap (mush or spinach or bacon w an egg) & a small hot drink

$5.50- Cookie & a small hot drink

(byo cup discount doesn’t apply to house specials)


Ask about our gift & coffee vouchers, Check out our ecoffee cup range, ecofriendly sustainable bamboo, BPA phthalate free, comp coffee when you purchase and 50c off every refill, comes in 4 sizes! your 1st coffee in your new cup is on us…. every refill get 50c off #stopthe100billion #waronwaste #noexcuseforsingleuse #choosetoreuse

Fresh juices / blends / smoothies $6

50c discount in your 14oz or 16oz ecoffee cup

Flu buster - $3.50 ginger & lemon shot


(vg) Berry V - $8.50 soy vanilla ice cream, hempseed protein, plant based milk, pure maple, berries

Smoothie - Banana, mango or berry - w natural yogurt, milk, honey

Breakkie on the go - oats, chia seed, mango, yogurt, milk, banana


Green tea smoothie – macha powder, mango, yoghurt, milk


Iced – milk, ice, ice cream w your choice of coffee, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, white chocolate


Green juice - kale, fennel, silver beet, ginger, pear, apple, celery, lemon


Energizer - beetroot, carrot, ginger, celery, lemon, fennel, mint


Carrot topper - turmeric root, ginger, carrot, celery, apple, black pepper


Morning delight - kiwi, berries, oj, grapefruit

Strawberry whip - fresh oj blended w banana & strawberries


Pineapple crush – pineapple, mint, mineral water

Red riot – beetroot, mango, pear,

Complimentary juice when you purchase a 14oz OR 16oz ecoffee cup

Please order and pay @ the counter


Check the display for light snacks, sandwiches, croissants, sweet & savory treats, as well as a good selection of house made gluten free, vegan & just naughty snacks from $3.50 come have a browse


Croissant - Just cheese $5

Ham $1.50 or tomato $1.50


Toastie – just cheese $5

Add tomato $1.50 or ham $1.50 Add avocado $3.50





Kitchen closes @2.45 mon-thurs & 2.30 fri



$3.50 - Award winning artisan sourdough soy & linseed, rye, Turkish, multigrain,

$4.50 - Fruit toast or gluten free artisan sourdough bread

w house made jam or marmalade, vegemite, peanut butter, honey


Yopo $8.50

Granola w Greek yoghurt fruit compote & toasted almond flakes


Loaded banana bread $11.50

Buckwheat banana bread (gf) loaded w monte fresco ricotta, warm raspberries a honey orange blossom syrup & pistachio dukka


Breakfast burrito $8.50

mush or bacon or chorizo w an egg, black beans, baby spinach, jalapenos, chimichurri & mozzarella


Breakfast roll or wrap - $7.00
bacon or chorizo or mushroom or spinach & egg on a roll w aioli, chilly, bbq or tomato


Avo toast $8.50

A whole avo smashed on top of sourdough rye w lemon oil and sumac

Xtras fetta $1.50, egg 2.00, halloumi $4.00, smoked salmon $4.50 or chilly flakes


Eggs on toast - $8.50 100% ethical free-range eggs

poached, scrambled or fried
sides – bacon, choriz0, jamon, haloumi, mushroom Raghu or salmon add $4.50 Spinach, rocket, roast tomato, roast potato add $2.50, Avocado, salsa -$3.50: hash brown, chilly, chimichurri, ricotta, $1.50; xtra egg $2.00


Omelet $12.50

3 egg omelet w your choice of 2 fillings & toast

Ham, spinach, fetta, tomato, cheese, olives, chorizo, onion


Spicy scramble $11.50

Scrambled eggs on sourdough rye w fresh chilly, avocado & pecorino cheese


Piscos baked eggs $12.50

eggs baked in a spicy black bean, chorizo & tomato salsa, baby spinach topped w manchego cheese


(vg) Shroom toast $11.50

mixed mushroom Raghu on toast w sweet potato, walnut paste, dukkha & fresh herbs

Add a poached egg $2.00 add haloumi $4.50 jamon $4.50


Salmon stack $15.50

poached eggs on hash browns w smoked salmon, rocket, avocado & dill hollandaise

w toast


Please order and pay at the counter – all day breakfast

No takeaway to be eaten in, we are happy to box what you can’t finish

Lunchie stuff


Salads $13

Chicken quinoa

grilled chicken breast w spinach, toasted almond, pomegranate, feta & raspberry balsamic glaze

The big vegan bowl

Avocado, black beans, salsa, sweet potato, hummus, rocket, quinoa, lemon oil

Parmesan chicken

rocket, schnitzel, cucumber, semi dry tom & parmesan w a seeded red wine vinegar

Salmon or tuna salad

Mixed leaves, black bean/s, olives, red onion, cucumber, potato, tomato, boiled egg

Warm chorizo & potato salad

Baby spinach, red onion, tomato, roast potato, grilled chorizo & a balsamic glaze


xtras boiled egg $2, haloumi $4.50, avo $3.50 salmon $4.50 roast chicken $3.50 schnitzel or peri chic $5, hummus $1.50 peri sauce $1.50, Add a side of garlic toast $4


Hot stuff

Empanada $5.00 Spanish pie – w spiced hand cut beef or chicken or mushroom a boiled egg & an olive wrapped in house made pastry

w a side of salsa $8.50


Patatas bravas (vg,gf) $6.50

fried potato w spicy tomato salsa


Quesadilla $12.50

 black beans, mozzarella, chimichurri, jalapeno, onion in flatbread w salsa & aioli

choices for the inside - Sweet potato, chorizo, mushroom, chicken or vegan


(vg, gf) Mushroom raghu arepas $12.00
black beans, avocado, chimichurri, jalapenos, salsa, mushroom raghu stuffed into a  fresh corn arepa


Peri chicken burger $10.00

Grilled chicken breast marinated in our house made peri sauce on a whole meal bun w aioli, fresh tomato, swiss cheese & leaves


Schnitzel $14.50
tender chicken breast coated in crunchy panko and tarragon crumbs w fries, leaves, aioli & lemon

side of fries, salsa or garden salad $4.00

bowl o fries w aioli $6.00

check out daily specials or display fridge for selection grab and go and sandwiches

kitchen closes @2.45 mon – thurs & 2.30 fri