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Come to our local store and try our coffee by artecaffe, as well as our exquisite gluten free desserts. & well priced breakfast & lunch menu



minimum order 10


morning tea, afternoon tea, brunch platters

gluten free bread available

mini sweet & savory pastry

cold selection cocktail size $1.80pp

butter croissant

apricot danish

blueberry danish

apple danish

hot selection cocktail size $2.80pp

ham & cheese or cheese croissant

bacon & egg sliders

mushroom & egg sliders

savory egg tartelette

pesto puffs

halloumi triangles

spinach triangles

baby breakfast pies $3.5pp

    bacon & egg 

    roast tomato egg spinach & cheese

    egg chorizo & potato

baby frittatas (gf) $3.5

    mini chorizo & potato tortilla (spanish omelet)

    sweet potato & gorgonzola

    ham corn & chives



breads bagels tarts & muffin platters cocktail size

cold $3

buckwheat banana bread

cheese bagel

petite belgian waffle

daily muffin

portuguese tarts

lemon tart

caramel chocolate tart

blueberry & ricotta tart

cheese & bacon muffins

hot $3.5

toasty bites - ham & cheese, cheese & tomato

smoked salmon & scrambled egg bagels

bacon & egg english muffin

egg & mushroom wraps

crumpet fingers w honey & butter

fruits yoghurt & oat jars $4

Bircher muesli w strawberry compote and orange zest

yoghurt w rhubarb and pear compote

granola w natural greek yogurt blueberry compote & toasted almond flakes

cakes & slices $4.5

orange almond syrup baby cakes (gf)(df)

gluten free carrot & walnut cake w cream cheese & white chocolate (gf)

flourless chocolate cake (gf)

oat blocks w sesame, flaxseed, date, almond (df)



chocolate brownies

raspberry & white chocolate slice

scones $4.50

buttermilk scones w cream & house made jams

sweet pumpkin scones w organic free range butter

blueberry & white chocolate scones w whipped cream cheese

Piscos buckwheat cookies (gf) $3.5


larger sizes & whole cakes

butter croissant $3.5

freshly made muffin of the day $3

ham & cheese croissant $6.5

buckwheat banana bread - $4.5

yoghurt pot w granola & a rhubarb & pear compote $7.5

bacon & egg or mushroom & egg damper rolls $6.5

toasties- ham & cheese, cheese & tomato $6.5

smoked salmon & cream cheese bagels $8.5

bacon & egg english muffin $5.5

the following require 48 hrs notice

whole carrot & walnut cake 12 slices - $40

orange almond syrup cake 12 slices $40

flourless chocolate cake 12 slices - $40

chocolate mud cake 15 - 30 slices - $67.50

Pavlov a w whipped cream & fresh fruit -serves 15 $75

classic sponge 10 slices $30

macroons $5.50

or fancy classic sponge quote



juices, smoothies & iced coffee or chocolate $7.5

1.5 ltr bottles $20

all come in a returnable glass milk bottle w lid 

green juice - kale,cucumber lemon ginger spinach celery pear apple

O.J straight up

morning glory - grapefruit orange banana & strawberry

afternoon spice - pear apple cinnamon banana

carrot topper - turmeric root carrot pineapple

berry mango whip w milk chia seeds yoghurt & honey

iced latte w ice-cream milk & shot o coffee chai berry or chocolate

deals & specials

muffin & small coffee $5

bacon & egg roll & small coffee $8.50

banana bread & small coffee $7.5



fruit platters

10 - 20 person $45 20 - 40 person $65

fruit skewers $4.5

pineapple, watermelon, kiwi & strawberry on a stick

fresh fruit salad box $5.5

seasonal fruit salad in easy to hold noodle boxes

cheese fruit & cracker platter

3 types of aussie cheeses, quince paste, dates, grapes, strawberries, walnuts, toast

want a breakfast buffet, talk to us about setting one up in your office, board room or home

$15 to $45 per person minimum 30

whole fruit boxes for your office selection of seasonal fruit $2 per piece minimum 12 pieces order must be in by thursday 5pm for a saturday or monday pickup


sandwich platters

petite gourmet rolls $5 2 rolls pp

selection of mini sourdough, whole meal, soy linseed, olive sourdough, seeded rolls

pastrami, seeded mustard, onion jam, tomato & cheddar

sweet potato semidry tomato feta & rocket

shredded chicken breast, mayo & tarragon

mini bagels & Brioche rolls $5.2 2 pp

smoked salmon cream cheese capers red onion horseradish

ham & cheese

cream cheese & cucumber

chilly mango jam, chicken, almond flakes, avocado

finger sandwiches $6.50 3 fingers per person

classic egg & lettuce

tuna w olive capsicum lemon mayo dill

ham tomato & cheese

wraps $8.5 1 wrap cut in half

chicken breast, lettuce avocado & feta

ham cheese lettuce tomato Dijon

tuna rocket

egg lettuce

turkish squares $8.5

eggplant, olive tapenade, ricotta, rocket& semidry tomato

chicken schnitzel, aioli & leaves

gluten free soy linseed bread $9.5

any of the above fillings as choices




Lunch boxes

grilled salmon box $14.50

atlantic salmon on a bed of rocket roast potato & pebre

tarragon chicken schnitzel box $13.50

tender chicken breast w fat fries & house made aioli

tortilla box spanish omelet $14.50 (df)

w chorizo potato & spices OR tuna & potato w tomato salsa

burger box $14.50

peri chicken burger on a soft damper roll w aioli lettuce & fries

grilled halloumi burger w eggplant tomato beetroot jam leaves on a damper roll w sweet potato fries

lunch bag $15

your choice of wrap, turkish or sandwich any of the above fillings packed in a bag w a water piece of fruit and a muffin or pack of mixed fruit and nuts


salad noodle boxes small to medium $7.50

minimum order of 5 of one type of salad

Vegetarian salads

with roast sweet potato, rocket, feta, chilly and lemon

Chat potato and baby spinach with a lemon, dill and caper dressing

roast turmeric cauliflower, lentil & cherry tomato

roast carrots, feta, lentil and rocket with a seeded red wine vinaigrette

Penne with cherry tomatoes, feta, pumpkin oil and mint

sweet potato, gorgonzola, walnuts, rocket, semi dry toms & balsamic glaze

Tomato, bocconcini, olives and basil

Rocket, beetroot, cinnamon orange and feta

Rocket, pear and parmesan

tomato salsa - comes w toasted parmesan sourdough toasts 

Meat Salads

roast chicken breast , quinoa, feta. pomegranate, almond flakes & baby spinach

smoked salmon, rocket, olive, potato, mixed beans, capers, aioli & pebre

Dukkha chicken with roasted eggplant and tzatziki

marinated lamb & honey roast pumpkin, semi dry , cucumber & tzatziki

spiced beef or chicken, lentil, carrot, celery,

Tuna Nisciose

Chicken Caesar salad

Chorizo, potato, spinach, red onion, olives & cherry tomato

mixture of bread rolls inc gluten free w organic free range butter $2


Tea and Coffee $3.50 sml ta only 10% off if 20 or more coffees are pre ordered

Sparkling Mineral Water $8.50 per 1 Ltr bottle

Individual ice teas $4.50

600ml Bottled water $2.50

sparkling water $3.50


High Tea

Selection of finger sandwiches (2 finger pp)

Mini fruit tart (1)

Mini quiche (1)

Mini muffins (1)

Scone w jam and cream (1)

$14.90 per person Optional extras from $3.50 each

• sushi / nori roll • petite egg tarts w variety of fillings • Mini chive frittatas w salmon • Mini chive frittatas w cream cheese & zucchini ribbons




canapé menu

2 days notice, minimum 35


mini pastry's $2.5

    spinach & ricotta

    puffed halloumi triangles

    mini quiches / frittatas/tarts $3.5

baby pies $4.5

    slow cooked pork w apple & fennel

    duck & mushroom

    guiness beef

    lamb & rosemary

cocktail spring rolls w a chilly soy dipping sauce $3.5 per person

antipasto platter w dips bits & breads $6.5 pp

sushi / sashimi / nori roll $4.5 pp

salmon & corn Bellini bites w salmon roe & baby dill $3

prawn & mango salsa spoons $5

buffalo mozzarella rye toast w micro basil & olive tapenade $2.50

more than a mouthful

lamb cutlets $6.5

    tender lamb cutlet encrusted in sumac w a yoghurt dipping sauce

mushroom risotto bite cones w aioli $4.5

noodle boxes $7.50 pp

paella - spanish rice w chorizo chicken & seafood

penne napolitana w shaved parmesan & baby spinach

spicy tuna & roast tomato penne w olives & parmesan

creamy pesto chicken w semi dry tomato rocket & walnuts

chicken quinoa salad w toasted almond flakes feta pomegranate & raspberry balsamic

green salad w tomato carrot cucumber & leaves

roast sweet potato salad w gorgonzola rocket semidry tomato & walnuts

chorizo & potato salad w red onion olives baby spinach and balsamic glaze

sliders $4.5

    pulled pork

    peri chicken w cheese aioli & leaves

    grass fed angus beef w onion jam, tomato & cheddar

    eggplant & halloumi w beetroot jam tomato & leaves

mini empanadas $4.5

    chicken or beef - spanish pie w spice, olive & egg

squid ink fettuccine cones w baby prawn & shaved parmesan $4.5

dukkha coated chicken boats w bean shoots & peanut sauce $4.50

oyster shots$5.5

fresh oyster w vodka, mint, apple, chilly

virgin oyster w tomato, worstershire, s&p

desert canapé $5.5

chocolate caramel tarts

lemon meringue pies

tiramisu jars

mini Pavlov a w caramel & cream

rosewater, coconut, pistachio cupcakes

sparkled gold coated chocolate strawberries

petite gelato cones

baby orange almond syrup cakes

branded cupcakes




want a sit down event, we will tailor a menu 3 courses & up to your requirements

want something different for your next party

why not book a paella night out, we come to you!! paella for 50 to 150 people at your choice of venue $20


Sample Canapé Menu’s

$15.00 per person

4 starters per person

Approx. .5 to 1 hour

$21.50 per person

6 starters per person.

Approx. 1.5 hrs.

$28.00 per person

8 starters per person

Ideal for 2 hours

$32.00 per person

Around 3 hours

I would suggest 8 starters plus 1 option from “more than a mouthful”

Or 8 starters plus gourmet pies or sausage rolls to serve later in the evening.

$45 per person

4 hours plus (when people are expecting dinner)

6 starters plus 3 from “more than a mouthful” and a choice of 2 different deserts


A deposit of 15% is required when placing order, a refundable deposit of $30 is required for all platters that pisco sour uses, if your own platters are being used please drop them off when placing your order or 2 days before the event,

lov muffin creations @ pisco sour, chippendale, contact lianda or 0415579197